General Guide
for Landowners

Here are some good resources for landowners looking for more information.

See also the links at the end of each written section of the Landowners Rapid Response Guide.

These are good sites for researching pipelines, eminent domain, and finding details about particular pipelines: 

Oil and Gas Watch: 


Fractracker’s map of pipelines and Congressional Districts:

Fractracker’s state-by-state oil and gas maps: 

State-by-state pipeline policies:

Global Energy Monitor Wiki: 

Pipeline Fighters Hub: 

Other sites with useful information: 

Pipeline Safety Trust’s Landowners Guide to Pipelines: 

Chester County Pipeline Information Center:

Understanding and Negotiating Pipeline Easements: 

Penn State Landowner Guides: 


If the pipeline on your land is a gas pipeline that crosses state lines (interstate), or a pipeline feeding an LNG terminal then the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is reviewing or permitting it. If your pipeline is under FERC purview then you must register as an intervenor. 

FERC processes and guides: 

How to Intervene: 

FERC online overview: 

Office of Public Participation: 

Landowner Topics: 

FERC How-to guides: